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Ordering Basics!

We strive to get your orders delivered in the timeliest manner. In that endeavor, we ask that you review our order guidelines to help us out! 
When faxing orders, please ensure you put your contact info on the order form so we can contact you in case there are issues with your order. 
If you've ordered a specific colour that is not available, or not ready to ship, we will contact you to determine if we can supply an alternate colour.
We make every effort to supply plants and baskets that are full & have colour.
If you want to know whats ready to be shipped, check out the AVAILABILITY page for our current weeks available product!

 For the Square wood-shelved racks:

Flats: Please order in quantities of 3's per colour. A full                 shelf is 6 flats.  

4" Pots-pack 10: Please order in multiples of 4 per colour. 
                A full shelf is 8 trays.

10"/12" Hanging Baskets: Please order a minimum of 3 per                 colour. A half shelf is 6 pots/full shelf is 12 pots.


Delivery can be arranged for a minimum of a 4 rack order. 
A delivery charge may apply.

Call the office for details! 905-262-4979